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Surviving Retirement Check Up

Surviving Retirement Checkup

Surviving Retirement Checkup

Are you concerned with today's market conditions or concerned with where you stand with your plans for retirement? Or about these questions?

- FEAR A RECESSION IS COMING? Learn how to create a portfolio similar to what the most sophisticated investors are doing NOW.
- HOW YOU CAN PROTECT YOUR MONEY? Learn strategies against further drops in the market, without sacrificing growth potential.
- WORRIED ABOUT INFLATION? Learn actionable steps to take to avoid the erosion of your assets
- CONCERNED ABOUT RISING TAXES? Find out how Tax Planning can solve the issue!
- Do you have peace of mind to retire financially confident?
- Have you had a fresh set of eyes on your old retirement strategy, wills, trust, and taxes to review and ensure they still meet your financial goals?
- Would you like to make sure you’re able to increase your income to keep up with inflation?
- Would you be opposed to reducing your taxes? Or are you over paying taxes to the IRS?

In this meetup, we will examine your top concerns, top questions, and top goals for you and your family, finding ways we can align our specialized knowledge and experience as well as our resources towards crafting an individualized financial plan for your needs.